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Solar Mini Inverter

Technical specification:

Solar Garden Light

Product Specification

No. Of Led Wattage of LED Battery SPV Operation
12 3Watt 12v/7Ah 10Watts 1 0-15Hrs

Solar Road Safety Products

Product Specification

Light Source Batterye Charger Solar Controller Charger Over Controller
Hi- Light
12v/7Ah 10Watt 1165vAC
Or 265vAC

Solar Home Light System

Product Specification

Light Source Batterye Solar Module Backup Time
6 Watt * 2 12v/40Ah 27 Watt 30 hrs.
6 Watt* 1 12v/7Ah 20 Watt 12hrs.
3 Watt* 2 12v/7Ah 10Watt 12 hrs.
3 Watt* 1 6v/4Ah 5 Watt 4 hrs.

Solar Water Heater System

Product Specification

Usages No Of Person No Of Tubes Water Output Temperature Inner Tank Material Thermal Iinsulation
10-15 50 60*+ 5*C UNDER Normal Sunny Condition Stainless Steel SS304 PUF insulation