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Our Vision & Strategy - A Vertical Approach

Since our inception, Kalisons has been evaluating the affordability of solar energy worldwide, tackling markets where solar presence is rising, and creating a simple and comprehensive financial model to deliver first class solar energy solutions for our customers, partners and distributors.

We believe our collective future lies with renewable energy. In our lifetime, solar has become a cost effective and dependable source of energy. This trend is accelerating dramatically with innovative solar energy applications coming online with increasing frequency. We see solar having the greatest impact at the personal level. Kalisons Solar Energy’s mission is to bring solar to the people - where we live, work and play. Our vision is to see solar integrated into our homes, places of work, transportation and even our clothing. Some day, not far off, safe

and clean solar energy production will surround us; out of sight and out of mind. As conventional energy costs continue to rise, international agreements are being reached for renewable energy to grow and prosper. The goal is to make renewable energy the number one source for global energy, so that we can reduce our carbon footprint and ensure a cleaner planet for generations to come. Global researches and internal studies have shown that grid-parity options and government incentives are available in numerous regions around the world. Kalisons is determined to involve these areas in our clean energy program, in turn reducing fossil fuel dependency and helping people to save money.